Treatment of Red and White
Lesions of The Oral Cavity

Red and white lesions, as the name suggests, are either red or white coloured lesions that affect the oral tissues. Changes in the cells of the oral mucous membrane may occur due to inflammation, reactive conditions, erosion, etc. These red and white lesions comprise a whole spectrum of disorders such as Erythroplakia (red patches), Leukoplakia (white patches), Lichen planus (immune disorder) etc. Some of these lesions have a tendency to progress into malignancy (cancer). Hence most red and white lesions fall in the category of pre-malignant lesions or conditions. Management of these lesions begins with correct diagnosis, usually by means of biopsy. Removal of the initiating factors is of utmost importance. Treatment includes excision (removal) of the lesion followed by histopathologic examination of the specimen. Regular follow ups are a must to assess the healing and to ensure that there is no recurrence.

Red and White Lesions of The Oral Cavity