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about us

The Maxfac Clinic is located right in the heart of South Bombay at Lamington Road. It was founded by Dr. Akash Tiwari (Maxillofacial & Oral Cancer Surgeon) and Dr. Priyanka Engineer (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and Medical Cosmetologist) with the aim of reaching out to people and delivering them excellent standards of Dental and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical care. Our team at The Maxfac Clinic provides a complete range of solutions for all your dental, oral and facial surgical needs. We not only work at treating your problems, but also put in our best to raise awareness about good oral and maxillofacial health.

To book an appointment with our Doctors, please call us on +91 8879745345 or click here

Our expertise lies in:

Advanced dentistry

Facial rejuvenation

Oral Cancer – Prevention, Early diagnosis, Treatment, Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Tobacco & related products de-addiction

Our Mission

Our Mission

To deliver a healthy and beautiful smile to each and every one of our patients

To ensure that every patient that walks out of our clinic is taught how to implement good oral hygiene habits

To make sure all our patients are Tobacco free

To educate society about the importance of good oral health, with special emphasis on reaching out to children

To educate children and their parents on how to avoid facial and dental sports injuries

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Our Philosophy

We believe that we are treating a patient having teeth in his/her mouth and not just treating the teeth that are in his/her mouth. We lay special emphasis on your overall health and well-being while treating your dental, oral and maxillofacial conditions. since each individual is different, we deliver customised treatments via a holistic approach

We believe that it is our responsibility to help you enjoy a fulfilling life with a beaming face and a healthy set of teeth so that you may be able to eat comfortably, speak clearly, smile confidently and make merry as long as you live.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Better dental, Oral & maxillofacial health and wellbeing for everyone, now and for future generations

To be the most trusted super-speciality dental & Maxillofacial surgery centre for world class treatment at affordable prices