Simple Ways to relieve painful gums

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Simple Ways to relieve painful gums

How many of you know that optimum gum health plays a very major role in your dental health?Your soft pink gums surround the teeth at the necks and further drape your jaw bone. IN doing so, your gums serve two extremely important functions – first, they form a barrier that prevents disease causing micro-organisms from reaching the bone; and second, they help maintain optimum bone health thus preventing your teeth from changing their positons and loosening. In spite of this, due to lack of awareness regarding gum health millions of people all over the world suffer in pain.

Bad oral and dental hygiene habits are the leading causes of gum troubles. Even children and adults with special needs are more prone to gum issues. Pregnant women are a major group that’s affected by gum issues due to hormonal changes that their body is undergoing. A build-up of plaque and tartar is all it takes for disease causing bacteria to damage the gums and underlying bone. This results in decay in the teeth and painful infected, swollen, bleeding gums. This stage is known as gingivitis. Lack of timely dental intervention can cause the infection to progress into the bone leading to a condition known as periodontitis.Soon the teeth become sensitive, start tilting and changing their positions and there is subsequent change in the biting pattern.

The good news is that gum diseases, in their early stages are reversible. The bad news is that even with treatment, periodontitis is not completely reversible; treatment will only help prevent further damage. Prevention of gum diseases is the best policy to follow!Gum diseases also impact your overall health in a major way. Believe it or not, the bacteria responsible for poor gum health can cause diseases like stroke, endocarditis, lung diseases. It can also worsen diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Studies have proven that poor gum health can worsen blood sugar control in diabetic patients. Gum diseases during pregnancy may lead topremature birth and low birth weight of babies. Other systemic diseases such as diabetes, HIV, certain syndromes are known to worsen gum health too. Here are some ways to keep gum problems at bay:

Here are some ways to keep gum problems at bay:
• Brush twice daily with a soft tooth brush and fluoridated tooth paste. Use the correct technique, so as to not cause damage to the gums while brushing itself.
• Floss your teeth at least once a day. Again ask your dentist to demonstrate the correct way of using the floss. Avoid using tooth picks.
• Rinse your mouth after each meal.
• Have a healthy diet rich in fibrous foods and calcium.
• Visit your dentist for biannual check-ups to know if you need gum swelling treatment. In case of gum swelling or gum pain, visiting the dentist without delay is the best thing to do. Alongside, you can follow these simple tips to provide you some relief:
• Mix half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm water and use that to rinse your mouth at least twice a day.
• Change your toothbrush and switch to one with soft bristles. Ask your dentist how to brush when you suffer from gum diseases.
• Use medicated mouthwashes to provide some relief.
• Get professional gum treatment before there is irreversible damage. Do not try any other home care remedies without consulting your dentist. Certain oils and astringent foods may relieve your pain temporarily but can cause more damage to your gums. For comprehensive treatment of your gums, right from gum swelling treatment to correction of black gums, feel free to get in touch with our doctors at The Maxfac Clinic. We are a super-speciality dental clinic in South Mumbai at Lamington Road.