Signs & Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Symptoms and Oral Cancer Treatment by Top Surgeon in South Mumbai

Signs & Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Every year there are approximately 6,57,000 new cases of oral cancers all over the world, and more than 3,30,000 deaths due to the same. Oral cancer means any cancer that occurs inside the mouth - lip, cheek, tongue, jaw bone, floor of mouth, palate – one or more of these may be affected. Oral cancer is a very devastating disease; the cancer itself is a major reason for concern, but it also affects your eating, swallowing, speech, facial aesthetics and your confidence. Treatment of oral cancer is not only expensive, but also a long term procedure that may involve surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Even after the best of treatment there is considerable decline in the quality of life of an oral cancer patient.

South Central Asia, especially India, has a very high number of new oral cancer cases each year due to very high levels of risk factor exposures. The most common risk factors leading to oral cancer are the use of all forms of smoke and smokeless tobacco, betelnut and alcohol. The risk of developing oral cancer is fifteen times higher with the combination of tobacco and alcohol. Other causes are excess sun exposure to the lips, Human Papilloma Virus infection, etc.

Cancer does not develop overnight. There are a few pre-cancerous conditions that appear in the oral cavity prior to the onset of cancer. These comprise various ulcers, red and/or white patches, reduced mouth opening, and hardening of the cheeks. While we always stress that prevention is the key, we would also like to educate you about early identification of oral cancer. As a centre that provides comprehensive oral cancer treatment in South Mumbai, our doctors would like you to read on to underatand what signs and symptoms to watch out for to keep oral cancer at bay:

1. An ulcer in the mouth that has not healed for over three weeks in spite of medications
2. Swelling or rough areas in the mouth whose appearance cannot be explained
3. Red, white or mixed red and white patches in the mouth
4. Eroded gums and mucosa
5. Bleeding spots in a discoloured patch of the mouth
6. Numbness in mouth, neck or face
7. Loss of taste sensation
8. Burning sensation in tongue, cheek, palate or pharynx
9. Restriction in the tongue movements
10. Restricted or limited mouth opening causing difficulty in chewing or speaking
11. Loss of elasticity of cheeks and lips
12. Loosening of dentures or sudden unexplained mobility in teeth
13. Soreness in throat with change in voice
14. Severe pain in ear without hearing loss
15. Swelling or lump in the neck
16. Unexplained weight loss of more than 10 kg in less than three months

If you or a dear one notice any of the above mentioned signs and symptoms, it is best to schedule a visit with your dentist at the earliest for an oral cancer screening. Your dentist may advise you to undergo a biopsy to understand the exact nature of the disease. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment can greatly improve the treatment outcome and allow the patient to have a much better quality of life. A comprehensive approach is needed for oral cancer to include health education and literacy, risk factor reduction, prevention and early diagnosis. We at The Maxfac Clinic, not only provide mouth cancer treatment in South Mumbai, but we also strive to educate and thus help prevent the incidence of oral cancer via our lectures and Tobacco De-addiction Programmes. We also offer diagnostic services for early diagnosis and surgical options for the treatment of pre-cancerous and cancerous conditions that affect the oral cavity.

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