Dental Emergencies - Know What to do

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Dental health is often ignored to the point at which a smaller dental problem snowballs into a severe disease needing emergency dental treatment. We cannot stress enough on how important it is to look after your teeth and prevent dental diseases. Although prevention is always better than cure, there are certain times when you may be faced with a dental emergency and you have no idea what to do. Hence we have come up with a list of some basic dental emergencies and how you should tackle them until you reach your dental clinic.

1. Severe tooth ache:
Toothache can be due to a deep cavity or biting onto something hard or infection inside your tooth and jaw bone. Do not self-medicate with over the counter drugs. Avoid chewing on the side with the painful tooth/teeth and consume soft foods and plenty of fluids. Do not use clove oil or any home remedies. It may bring temporary relief but can also cause harm. Visit your dentist at the earliest to understand the cause of the pain and the correct treatment for your condition.

2. Cracked or chipped or broken tooth:
If you notice a crack on your tooth, avoid biting or chewing on that side and go see the dentist. If you chipped off a part of your tooth, and have the broken part with you, go see your dentist immediately to see if it can be fixed right back on. In case you have swallowed the piece and are experiencing any breathing or chest discomfort, visit the hospital to get a chest x-ray done and see if the piece is in your airway. Apply cold compresses if your mouth is bleeding.

3. A tooth that’s knocked out of your mouth:
If your permanent tooth is knocked out of your mouth completely, lift it up very gently and rinse it with cool running water without rubbing or scrubbing the root. Rinse your mouth with cool water and gently try to place the tooth back into the socket. If that is not possible, you can place the tooth in your mouth, between your gums and cheek and rush to the nearest dentist. You could also carry the tooth to the dentist in a cup of milk or saline water. If you reach the dentist within 20 mins to an hour of the tooth coming off, there are higher chances of the tooth being saved.

4. A broken cavity filling:
Do not keep picking at a broken filling. Avoid chewing on that side. Visit the dentist soon and get the filling repaired or replaced at the earliest to avoid more damage to the tooth.

5. A dental crown that’s come off:
If your old dental crown has come off and is in your hands, don’t bite on hard foods with that tooth. Visit the dentist to check if the crown can be fit again or a new one needs to be fabricated. In case you have swallowed your crown, please inform the dentist and rush to the emergency room for an X-ray to see if the airway is clear.

6. Broken orthodontic appliances:
If you have braces, one or more parts of the braces are likely to break off and/or cause minor bruises, inform the dentist immediately and set up an appointment to correct the issue. In the mean while you could chew on some sugar-free gum and use the gum to cover any sharp components that can causes bruises.

7. Swellings related to your mouth and face:
Do not waste a single minute. Reach out to the nearest dentist or hospital emergency room. A dental swelling can increase in size in a short time and can also cause rapid spread of infection and can also compromise your airway. Run and see the doctor.

8. Bleeding inside your mouth:
If you’ve bitten your tongue or cheek or have bleeding from a tooth socket, bite onto some clean gauze or cotton that’s soaked in cold water after squeezing out the excess water. Use cold compresses on the outside of your face too. Do not rinse your mouth or spit. Inform your dentist that you are on your way to the dental office and stay calm. If you have any dental emergency, please call The Maxfac Clinic on +91 8879745345 and get in touch with our doctors immediately. We are a dental clinic in Mumbai delivering the best quality dental treatment. We are available 24x7 for emergencies.