Are your dark gums a show spoiler?

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Black gums treatment in mumbai

Who doesn’t like a healthy and bright smile? How many of you think that only your teeth matter when it comes to that perfect smile? Well, let us tell you that your gums play an equally important role in your million dollar smile. A good looking smile comprises of well aligned teeth, harmonious shape and size of teeth and coral pink colored healthy gums. A perfect smile is a reason of self-confidence for majority of people. Many individuals might have brown or dark colored gums. Such individuals feel shy or refrain from smiling or do not show there gums while smiling.

If the dark colour of gums makes you feel uncomfortable, you should come visit our doctors at The Maxfac Clinic. We have helped numerous patients looking for ‘Gum swelling treatment in Mumbai’, ‘Black gums treatment in Mumbai’ and a whole list of other gum issues that they have been facing.

For any condition to be treated, it is important to know the correct diagnosis. Dark gums is not a disease, rather it is a finding that can be associated with multiple diseases or be a standalone condition. To know more about the causes and appropriate treatment for dark gums, please read on.

The various causes of dark gums are listed below:
1. Bruises or injuries to the gums due to improper brushing or flossing and injury due to a hard object or food causes dark red or purple discoloration. This is usually temporary and heals in about 2 weeks. Your dentist may ask you to use a gel/ointment in the bruised area to give you pain relief.

2. Dental cavities filled with Silver Amalgam in older days can cause lodging of the particles of the filling in the soft tissue of gums causing amalgam tattoos. This can be prevented with use of rubber dam during the filling of the cavities.

3. Periodontal diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis and acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis can also cause severe discoloration of gums. These diseases need proper treatment by a dentist and may or may not require periodontal surgery.

4. Certain medications such as Minocycline have a side effect of discoloration of gums. In this case your dentist will consult the prescribing doctor and see if you can be shifted onto an alternative medicine.

5. Nicotine in cigarettes causes smoker’s melanosis and darker gums. Quitting the habit can significantly improve the colour of your gums.

6. Pathologic conditions such as blue nevus, eruption hematoma, oral cancers are some of the reasons which cause discoloration of the gums. These conditions can be identified by the dentist and you will be advised the correct line of treatment.

7. Sometimes your gums can be dark naturally, without any underlying diseases. A high concentration of melanin can lead to dark or splotchy coloured gums. This is more common in dark skinned individuals and those with high sun exposure.

When speaking of the treatment for dark gums, we have the following options:
1. Treatment of any underling disease is a pre-requisite before any cosmetic gum correction procedure is performed.

2. Gum depigmentation procedures are now available that can help reduce the darkness of your gums. It basically involves the removal of the top most layer of your gums, which is where the melanin pigment is deposited. Once the superficial layer is stripped off, the layer below begins to heal over the next few days and is much lighter and more coral pink in colour as compared to earlier. This can be achieved either by using diamond coated abrasive tips or by using a soft tissue laser. Both these methods help improve the gum colour significantly, but the results are not permanent. You may need to repeat the procedure again and that depends on your genetics.

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