Here’s all that you need to know about Dental Implants

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Have you ever avoided going to your dentist to replace a missing tooth? Do you feel that the rest of your teeth are enough to help you eat well? Young adults and ladieswill readily agree to replace their missing tooth if the gap shows when they smile. But that’s not the only reason to get the problem fixed! A lot of our patients have a callous attitude when we advise them to get their lost tooth or teeth replaced.There are three available options to replace missing teeth – removable dentures, fixed bridges and dental implants. This article will be shedding some light on dental implants procedure.

• What is a dental implant? A dental implant is a dental treatment in which titanium cylinder that is fixed into the jaw bone. Once the jaw bone heals, the top end of the implant is fit with a natural looking artificial tooth. The advantages of implants are that no healthy teeth need to be cut. Since they are independent of any other teeth, surrounding teeth do not have to bear any extra chewing forces. In terms of chewing comfort, aesthetics and speech, implants provide superior results as compared to fixed bridges.

• Who needs it? Anyone who has one or more missing teeth and sufficient healthy jaw bone.

• Who is an ideal candidate? Patients with good overall health and healthy bone are the best candidates. Patients with diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, heart diseases need to be evaluated thoroughly before considering them for implants.

• Is it painful? No, it is pain free as you will be given numbing medicine.

• What exactly will be done? First your bone measurements will be done for which you need to undergo a dental CT scan called CBCT.Based on these, your dental treatment plan will be made. Then the optimum implant selection is done. The first step of the procedure involves making space for the implant in the bone. The implant is then seated into the bone and covered so that the surrounding bone heals and forms a tight contact to hold around the implant. This is the end of the implant surgery. Subsequent steps would be taken to fit the artificial teeth onto the implants.

• Will I have pain after the treatment? You might have very mild discomfort for a couple of days after the procedure. This can be taken care of with medicines.

• What are the instructions after the treatment? You will have to be very stringent with your oral hygiene. You will be prescribed some medicines and advised a soft diet for a couple of days after the procedure. Be prompt with your follow-ups. Failure to do so can cause the treatment to fail.

• How many implants will I need? That depends on how many teeth you are missing.

• When will my artificial tooth be fit? That depend on the site of implant placement, the number of implants being placed and the bone quality. Certain implants can be fit with the teeth immediately, while others may require a wait of a couple of weeks.

• What material will the artificial teeth be made of? The artificial teeth may be of resin, metal ceramic or full ceramic, based on each case.

• Are implants permanent? A properly done implant should last you for years, so long as you maintain you oral hygiene and keep other conditions such as diabetes and bone health in check. The teeth that are fit on the implant may undergo some wear over the years, and can be replaced without having to change the implant.

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