5 Essential Tips to make your Smile Brighter

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The first thing that people notice about you is usually your smile. A healthy and bright smile adds a great deal to your overall personality and makes you feel confident. People with stained or yellow teeth are usually very conscious of their smile. Apart from bad habits like smoking and tobacco use, there are certain medical conditions such liver diseases or fluorosis that can cause discolouration of teeth. What can such people do to achieve that dazzling million dollar smile? Those perfect shiny and sparkly pearly whites that you’ve always wanted are very well within your reach; all you need is a few good habits and lifestyle changes and a good dentist!

Read this article to understand the simple ways to give yourself a brighter and whiter smile:

1. Good oral hygiene habits: No matter what, there is no substitute for brushing your teeth twice a day. It is mandatory to use a fluoride tooth paste and a good tooth brush to clean each surface of all your teeth. Flossing is important too; it helps clean all the surfaces between your teeth and helps prevent plaque build-up. Rinsing your mouth after meals is another must – do. It helps remove food residue and prevents plaque accumulation. These are habits you need to cultivate to maintain good oral health, avoid cavities and keep your teeth squeaky clean.

2. Good dietary habits: A healthy diet is essential to maintain your dental health. Pigmented food such as tea, coffee, colas, red wine, berries etc. can stain your teeth when consumed in excess. Also, excessive intake of sugary, sticky, acidic, carbohydrate rich foods lead to higher plaque accumulation that can in due course of time calcify and form tartar. All of this will lead to discoursed teeth and cavity formation.

3. Professional dental cleaning: Once you have a build-up of tartar or calculus on your teeth and gums, simple brushing and flossing is not sufficient to get rid of it. At this point you need professional dental treatment known as Dental Scaling and Polishing. This procedure uses special dental instruments to dislodge all the tartar and remove the plaque so that your teeth and gums are healthier. It not only keeps your teeth and gums clean, but also maintains optimum jaw bone health and prevents your teeth from loosening.

4. Dental whitening procedures: In case your teeth have stains that do not improve with the above mentioned steps or if you have stained teeth due to underlying medical/ dental conditions, you may need Dental whitening procedure to achieve brighter teeth. Dental whitening or dental bleaching can be done at the dental clinic by your dentist or with the help of custom trays and an at home bleaching system that you may use under the supervision of your dentist.

5. Cosmetic dental treatment: In case you have conditions that cannot be improved just with dental whitening, your dentist may suggest you to go for cosmetic dental treatments such a tooth coloured fillings or tooth like laminates, crowns or bridges. All of these need the removal of the bad part of your tooth which is then replaced by a restorative materials that mimic the natural tooth. These can help you give your tooth the exact colour and brightness that you desire. But the success on cosmetic dental treatments depends on your good oral hygiene maintenance habits. Like we said earlier, there is no substitute for good dental hygiene habits.

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